Colfax Township CemeteryColfax Township Cemetery Sexton: Rick Kociba
Phone: (989) 269-2271 Option 4

598 Barrie Rd.
Bad Axe, MI 48413

Please contact the sexton for all general information, sales, deed inquires, and burials.

Colfax Township Cemetery Decoration Rules

The township prides itself on maintaining the sanctity of the grounds by setting forth the following maintenance and decoration rules.

The care of all cemetery lots shall be done by township hired employees only.

Spring/Summer:  May 15th thru October 15th

What is Allowed Spring/Summer:

Colfax Township CemeteryArtificial and living plants placed in a plastic pot, which is placed in a wire rack with legs and handle, keeping the plant elevated off the ground. (See Illustration) Solar lights and special family artifacts should be placed in plant pot. Total weight not exceeding 25 pounds, but should be heavy enough to protect from spillage under normal wind conditions.

Small statues not exceeding 10 pounds can be placed on grave stone.

Only one (1) grave memorial permitted per grave space, placed within 12” of grave stone.  No object allowed directly on grass or in the ground, except military, fire, or police flags, and conforming plant pot and rack.

In sections with concrete runners, plant pots do not require a rack, but must be placed on the runner and need to be heavy enough to withstand normal wind conditions without tipping.

Identification recommended on items (name, number).

All Items must be removed by October 15th.

Not Allowed Spring/Summer:

Colfax Township CemeteryHanging baskets, shepherd hooks, ground plants, edging materials like wood chips, decorative stone, concrete memorials, glass, ceramic, tree, shrub, boxes, shells, fencing, curbs, benches, or structures. All items not listed need prior approval. The township reserves the right to remove anything they consider unsightly, abusive or a safety concern for workers.

Fall/Winter:  November 15th thru April 1s

Following the mowing season, holiday type decorations are allowed.  Please remember not to place items that can break, damage a grave site, leave holes, or kill grass.

Cemetery employees are not responsible for any damage to decorations. Burials continue year round, and decorations cannot be removed when frozen or covered in snow. Therefore, damage to or destruction of decorations in a burial area may occur.

Due to the seasonal nature of these decorations, those that are not picked up will be discarded during spring cleanup.

Identification recommended on items (name/number).

All items must be removed by April 1st.

Additional Items:

Employees may remove any flowers, flags, trees, shrubs, hedges or other plantings that have become unsightly or dangerous, or encroach on an adjoining grave or walkway.

Graves will be covered with grass only.  All other materials are prohibited.

When temporary items left after funerals become faded or unsightly, they will be removed by cemetery employees and discarded unless other arrangements were made prior to the funeral.

All articles that are not conforming to these rules will be removed by the cemetery employees and held for not more than 30 days before being considered abandoned.